New Third Worship Service

"I want people to know that the afternoon service is ‘come as you are.’ I’ll be dressed casually,” says Pastor Chip Stevens concerning the new service at FBC Starkville. FBC is starting a new worship experience, one that probably goes against typical Baptist norms. Sometimes all it takes to keep people from stepping through the sanctuary doors...

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The Table

Ladies, how many women at FBC do you really know?  I don’t mean how many acquaintances you have here; what I mean is how many women at FBC Starkville do you know more about than just their first and last names and how many kids they have? I grew up in a small church of about 200 people...

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Savannah D'Alessandro
The Heart and Life of Worship

Worship is a word that we use often in our Christian vernacular, but everyone seems to have a different opinion on its meaning and purpose.  With so many questions and differences in ideology surrounding the topic, I often wonder...

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Kyle Hickey
Karen Graham

FBC Starkville’s Creative Learning Center Director, Karen Graham, has been on staff for 11 years. She hires, trains, and manages 40 staff members, writes menus, creates and balances the budget, plans for holiday-themed events, coordinates school pictures, and works with the 135 kids who attend the CLC and their parents. “Every day is different, which is the fun part,” she says. Linda Blair, FBC’s Financial Systems Manager...

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Kathryn Entrekin
Making Room For The Family

Almost all of my favorite memories from my childhood and my adolescent years include my parents and my younger brother. Sure, I had plenty of friends who I spent time with, but even most of those memories involve my family, too. Since as far back as...

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Courtney Dueitt
Social Media

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Snapchat. And the list goes on and on and on. Those are only a handful of the social media apps that we peruse and post to on a daily basis. That list doesn’t include any of the countless other apps for games, recipes, shopping, entertainment, etc. that aid and often bombard our everyday lives. We live in a society that is constantly... 

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Summer Reading Guide

The allure of the beach used to be rather lost on me. You see I grew up in Cocoa Beach, Florida, and it was as common and every day as going to MSU’s campus. Beaches were always packed with tourists and cars full of chairs, tents, and people’s living rooms to claim their portion of the beach. I really hated going. 

But I moved away...

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Bobby D'Alessandro
The Power of Prayer Walking

Have you ever taken a stroll around your neighborhood and wondered how you can reach those who live around you for Christ? Do you desire to be more intentional in your relationships and in sharing Christ in your community? One way you can make a significant impact in the...

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First Word

Blue Bell Ice Cream, juicy watermelon, and home-grown tomatoes are just a few things that make summer one of my favorite times of the year. Another is the opportunity for it to be a season of rest (although we don’t always...

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