Our Bells Ring True

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 1840, P.T. Barnum - aka, “The Greatest Showman” - brought one of the earliest handbell choirs to America.  Fast forward a hundred years or so, and handbell groups began to appear in churches, schools, and other…

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Jay Reed
Finding Community at Warehouse Church

Summer will soon be coming to a close, and we will be easing back into routine days. I am hoping that you will be encouraged by these words to include a couple of things in that routine, or maybe even try a different routine than you are used to. 

I am so excited about the re-launch of…

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Savannah D'Alessandro
"This is it. We're really doing it."

During the final hour of our last leg of what was a total of 21 hours of flight time, I took a deep breath because that was when I first realized that this was not going to be a routine mission trip like ones I had been on in the past. We circled above the airport for almost an hour due to…

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Reid Stevens
Everybody Always

"Loving each other is what we were meant to do and how we were made to roll. It's not where we start when we begin following Jesus; it's the beautiful path we travel the rest of our lives. Will it be messy and ambiguous and uncomfortable when we love people…

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Bobby D'Alessandro
Are you a mom of a preschooler?

Motherhood is tough.  Let’s face it, young mom, being the mom of a preschool child has both joys and challenges.  Some days are really, really good, and some days are not so stellar.  Some moments in motherhood will take your breath…

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Charity Gwaltney