Charles Ray Hannah

Charles Ray Hannah has been on staff at FBC Starkville for ten years this December. He cleans the Warehouse and the Creative Learning Center, and he says that the church has grown so much since he’s been here. Neil Tullos, FBC’s Youth Pastor, appreciates that Ray is always really interested in what the youth ministry is involved in and that he sees the big picture of what he is doing. Leah Frances Eaton, the Children’s Ministry Director, says Ray is “the most kind and precious man. He remembers both of my children’s names and asks me about them every time he sees me.”

Ray Hannah was born in Louisville, Mississippi to Ed and Walterine Hannah. They encouraged him to do well in life and respect others. He remembers that as he was growing up, he saw people around him always looking for a handout, and he never wanted to be that way. Ray was one of thirteen, with five sisters and seven brothers. Ray remembers that while they picked on each other a lot, they all got along, and he loved all of them. He attended Louisville High School, where he played some sports, but then he joined the vocational technology program, where he took a bricklaying class. Ray graduated in 1975. 

Ray met his wife, Mary, when he was working in Eupora, Mississippi. They were married from 1980 until 2008 when she passed away; Ray says that “she was a good person, [they] got along well and… agreed on most things.” 

Ray has worked at FBC since December 1, 2007, when a friend told him about the position. He likes to come to work and be around nice people, and I would say that the church staff enjoys being around him just as much. Charity Gwaltney, FBC’s Preschool Ministry Director, says, “He is very kind [and] always says hello to me when he comes in.  He always asks me how my boys are doing because he has worked with both of them.”

FBC appreciates Ray’s nearly ten years of service and all that he does here. Thank you, Ray, for being a part of our team.

Kathryn Entrekin