Week 7: Follow Jesus the Christ

February 12-18


  • Matthew 16:1–18:9; Mark 8:14–9:50; Luke 9:18-62; 12:1-12; John 8:12-9:41; 12:20-36

  • There are no accompanying children’s Bible references, so pick one to read together.


  1. Who was Lazarus and what did Jesus do for him?
  2. What does a good and faithful servant do? What does a wicked servant do?
  3. Why do you think Jesus waited to raise Lazarus from the dead?
  4. What did Jesus demonstrate when He commanded Lazarus to come out?
  5. In Matthew 18:15-20 how did Jesus say we should respond when someone has sinned against us? Do you think this still works in our culture?
Bobby D'Alessandro