Week 9: Servants & Salvation

February 26-March 4


  • Matthew 19–20; Mark 10; Luke 18:15–19:27
  • Jesus Storybook Bible:  The Friend of Little Children, The Man Who Didn’t Have Any Friends (none) (p. 256-271)
  • Big Picture Interactive Bible Storybook: The Rich Young Ruler (p. 242)


  1. Who did Jesus take up in His arms and bless in Mark 10:13-16?
  2. What did Jesus say the rich young ruler needed to give up in order to follow Him?
  3. Does being good mean you can go to Heaven?
  4. What does salvation require?
  5. Why do think that Jesus came as a servant rather than a king to be served? How did Jesus serve people? How does He serve us?
Bobby D'Alessandro